Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make My Day

I’ve just had my day made. Possibly even my week. Life on the whole has just got a lot better and I’m pretty sure the sun’s come out from behind the clouds and the house just cleaned itself.

Because Nicola arrived at work this morning with very exciting news. ‘Have you seen your blog?’ she asked, her teeth pearly white, her hair even shinier than usual. I think I saw a halo.

‘No,’ I said, a little disgruntled. I didn’t much like my last blog and have been trying to think of something new to write for ages. Something to go at the top, so that the blog about me bragging about someone who hardly anyone has heard of can slip off the radar.

I’m not a fan of celebrities and so to find myself bragging about meeting one didn’t sit comfortably in my soul. My happy place is writing about what disgruntles me. Faux Pas. Etiquette. Hospitality. Grammar. Wine. How much wine? At least one bottle. These are the important things in life, not ruddy celebrity name dropping.

Bragging about Sublime, I wasn’t the sort of person I’d hang out with. In fact my favourite celebrity moment was when my friends and I found ourselves in the way of the talentless and irritating Radio 1 DJ Colin Murray, doing a piece to camera at a festival. My best mate, brilliantly, effortlessly, danced up to the camera and said: ‘Colin Murray’s a tosser!’

Hilarious. It was her finest moment. He did a bemused retake. She got an ovation from adoring friends. I don’t know what it is about celebrities that make us all go ga ga. Gareth had to take a photograph of Derren Brown, the mind man, the other day, and I hoped Gareth might bring him home for show and tell. And fondle.

Anyway, forget about Sublime. Forget about Gareth failing to deliver Derren the magical mind man Brown to my doorstep. I’ve got a better story to tell.

‘You’ve got a comment!’ Nicola declared, her dulcet tones serenading my ears like a lullaby.

And so I did.

And thus, I’m floating on air. I have a new fan. AND her husband.

3000 miles away, somewhere in America, lives Heather, who has stumbled upon my blog and likes it.

Hello Heather. I love you.

So now it’s not just my mum. I have a new reader. Heather, 3000 miles away. And she has inspired me. I’m going to up my game. Goodbye celeb name droppings. Hello a weekly diatribe on the impolite, the illogical, the meaningless. The other day I got really annoyed because the scissors were made for right handed people and I’m left handed.

This is the stuff of legends. Heather, you’re in for a treat.


Heather said...

Wow, a whole blog entry, I'm happy I could make your day! I must say, I particularly like the way you take everyday mundane events and make them hilarious in the way you tell it. Looking forward to reading more!

Kim Willis said...

Thank you Heather, I was very touched by your lovely comment!

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