Sunday, April 13, 2008

Special K(im) Diet

When Hannah mentioned she was thinking about doing the Special K diet I went a bit giddy.

‘I’ll do that with you!’ I squealed.

And so here we are, two days in, a bit hungry but on a road together to a dress size less.

In fact, after day one I weighed myself and I was shy of ten stone for the first time in ages. I’m not saying I lost half a stone in one day, but since I last weighed myself.

Now I’m overcome with excitement at the prospect of people looking at me, tilting their head to one side in an act of concern and saying ‘my, Kim, you look thin, are you ok?’ and I can say ‘yes I bloody am! I’m nine stone!’

So now I am nine stone 10lbs. I didn’t believe my home scales when they told me so I made my housemate hop on to see if she’d lost half a stone too and it was just the shit scales lying to me.

‘No, I’m still the same,’ she said, bleary eyed at 7am. ‘but thanks for reminding me.’

I went to the gym and used the professional scales and it was true, I had lost half a stone. I can’t see the difference but it does spur me on to eat cereal for two weeks and see how svelte I can get.

We have tinkered with the diet slightly.

Special Kelloggs suggest you eat Special K for breakfast and lunch, and have a balanced meal in the evening – for two weeks. Apparently it’s dangerous to keep going for any longer.

We are eating fruit for breakfast, Special K for lunch and a healthy dinner. But we aren’t doing it at weekends because that’d be boring. Therefore we are doing it for 3 weeks to compensate.

It’s so cheap too! 2 boxes of Special K for £4 and that’ll last the entire diet. Amazing.

I hate girls on diets. I hate it when you get to the pub and some skinny minnie isn’t drinking or worse – isn’t eating – (actually is that worse? I think I’d rather drink than eat) …where was I… she isn’t eating and so she just has a side salad. BORING! I like girls with an appetite.

That’s why Hannah and I aren’t doing the Special K diet at weekends. Because we enjoy eating with our friends. Selfless.

So we’ll see. Day 1 was easy, I felt stuffed after my cereal lunch. Day two was tricky, but I ate fruit in the afternoon too and that seemed to ward off the craving for real food.

I have managed to get down to nine stone in the past. At uni I developed an unhealthy obsession with apples and started eating ten a day. The weight flew off and I got a lot of head tilting from people. It was amazing.

It’s the weekend now so I can do what I want again – great rules, these.

(24 hours later)

I certainly did eat what I wanted. A lot of what I wanted.

Then I weighed myself with Cesca’s scales and lo! I was 8 stone! Somehow I’d managed to lose a further 1 and a half stone without even trying.


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